HomeALG™ APC Labeling Kit
HomeALG™ APC Labeling Kit

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HomeALG™ APC (Fluorescence Spectrum)
HomeALG™ APC (Fluorescence Spectrum)

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HomeALG™ APC Labeling Kit
HomeALG™ APC Labeling Kit

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Home Algae's APC Labeling Kit is an SH-reactive labeling kit. Modified APC has maleimide groups that can conveniently conjugate with the SH groups of antibodies. The total conjugation time including incubation takes approximately 3 hours. 


APC belongs to the phycobiliproteins family of highly soluble and fluorescent proteins derived from cyanobacteria and eukaryotic algae. APC, an ultra-sensitive fluorescent tracer with high emission quantum yields, emits in the near-infrared fluorescence range. It, therefore, avoids interference from the autofluorescence of cellular components and other biological materials.

APC is significantly more sensitive than conventional organic fluorophores and has been used in applications such as Flow Cytometry, Homogeneous FRET assay, and Immunoassays.

Sample of Protocol
  1. Add Modifier Solution into antibody

  2. Incubate the reaction at room temperature for 30 min

  3. Add Pre-activated APC and incubate 1 hour at room temperature with agitation and protect from light

  4. Add Quencher into the conjugation mixture and mix completely

  5. Incubate at room temperature and keep away from light for 30 min, the conjugation is complete.

APC AntibodyLabeling Kit
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Benefits of APC
  • Ideal for multi-color fluorescent staining

    • Applied to most fluorescence-based instruments

    • Significant stokes shifts with resolvable emission spectra

  • Ensure result accuracy

    • Bright Index: Level 4 with high quantum yield

    • It should be noted that the relatively high molecular weight of APC may preclude its use in procedures requiring good penetration into cells and tissues. It is predominantly intended for surface labeling of cells for flow cytometry.

  • Stability

    • Minimal fluorescence quenching