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Meet The Team


Dr. Meng-Chou Lee

With more than 20 yrs of research and industrial experience in biotechnological applications of Algae, Dr. Lee holds a range of patents in algae cultivation technologies. In early 2019, Dr. Lee and his research team discovered strong fluorophore brightness in a newly identified red algae species exclusive to the coastal region of Taiwan, and later developed it into high sensitivity, high intensity organic fluorescent dye - Phycoerythrin (PE) which provides a solution to the current shortage problem in the market.

Associate prof., Dept. of Aquaculture, National Taiwan Ocean University
Ph.D. in Aquaculture, NTOU

Specialty: Algology, Algal Molecular Biology, Aquaculture, Immunology

Lead of R&D Team

With 7 years of postdoctoral fellow journey at the Institute of Cellular and Organismic Biology, Academia Sinica, the lead of R&D team once joined various cutting-edge research projects and served as project manager of Innovation and Technology Department at a Next-Generation Sequencing company, Genomics.

The lead specializes in protein extraction and purification, cancer drug production, and antibody conjugation. etc.

Postdoctoral fellow of ICOB, Academia Sinica
Ph.D. in Food Science, National Taiwan Ocean University

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