Phycobillion® Platform

Looking for a tailor-made reagent to fit your specific need? We also customize special spec for these products:

We Also Provide Custom Services

With a group of algae experts and protein extraction & purification specialists, Home Algae Biotech also offers OEM services to industrial and academic clients seeking to outsource their product lines/custom services.

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Algae Cultivation

Home Algae holds patents governing core technologies in red algae cultivation and offers a wide range of high-quality algae ingredients. Discuss with us if you plan to put your algae into mass production.

Protein-Protein Crosslink

Before labeling a fluorescence onto a protein, you have some works to do to get it ready for conjugation. 

Home Algae owns the cross-linking technique. You only need to prepare your own proteins derived from algae, we will take care of the rest.


Antibody Conjugation

Home Algae offers R-PE and APC-antibody conjugation services. If you wish to label your high-specific antibodies or other bioactive molecules with fluorescences, contact us and let us know your application needs.

Contact us for a discussion on how we can help you to achieve your product manufacturing objectives!